Are you a Gamechanger?

Want to be a part of a teen shark tank? Break the norm, boost your resume, win scholarship funding, have access to elite mentors, and change the game in the Greater Washington Jewish community!

This is for the everyday all-stars. The unseen difference makers. The grinders, the hustlers, the role players. This is for the ones who use every day to make an impact on others. Here's to the creators, innovators and debaters. The mentors, the mensch’s and motivators. The volunteers and visionaries. This is for the carpe-doers. Because winning isn't something on a score board. It’s a way of life. It’s living with purpose. So break the mold, blaze your own trail and lend a hand along the way. This is your life. This is your game. Be a #gamechanger.

Are you ready to impact the lives of others in the Greater Washington Jewish community?

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