What type of ideas should be submitted? Ventures can be businesses, non-profits, social action projects, one-off or repeat programs, and beyond! Ideas can range from building a deeper connection with Israel to career networking, service, and the arts – from smarter use of technology to better alignment with secular brands – and everything in between.  Check out the 2016-2017 ventures here.

How is selection to the program determined? Decisions will be made by a committee with input from BBYO and the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington staff. All applications will be reviewed on: applicant's commitment to the Jewish community, leadership ability, passion, communication skills, ambition, venture quality, and community fit.

What is the the time commitment to participate? Gamechangers must attend all sessions (click here to see the full schedule) to participate in Impact L'Atid. Due to the fast-paced nature of the program and the limited number of sessions, missing any portion would mean missing a significant part of the experience. Additional work will be necessary outside of the designated workshops to build the best venture possible. Individual program development and creation of presentations materials will take place throughout the program, especially January through March. Gamechangers will have regular in-person and virtual check-ins with their mentor and BBYO staff. See our full program expectations and deadlines sheet here.

Will there be funding available for the ventures? What happens after the program ends? All Gamechanger(s) will likely have the opportunity to apply for venture implementation funding through the United Jewish Endowment Fund at the conclusion of the program. The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington’s United Jewish Endowment Fund reserves the right to determine the funding status of any Impact L’Atid ventures (regardless of whether or not the project has won the showcase competition) for 1 year. After such time, the team members are welcome and encouraged to reach out to other funders in order to put their project into action. All future materials should credit Federation’s United Jewish Endowment Fund.

Whether a program will be funded and at what level will be up to the discretion of the Endowment Fund Grants Committee during the initial year following the competition. Federation’s United Jewish Endowment Fund will assist the chosen project team in partnership with BBYO to find the appropriate implementer for the program.  The Endowment Fund will also engage in the structuring conversation that outlines what the teen’s responsibilities will be in the implementation plan. Once this relationship is established, the funded program (and its implementing organization) will bear all the responsibilities of an Endowment Fund grantee including mid-term and end of year evaluations, periodic check-ins and reporting as required to the Endowment Fund Grants Committee and/or the Endowment Fund Board of Trustees.  

Does participation cost money? Thanks to a generous partnership with the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington's United Jewish Endowment Fund, the program is free for participants.

What are the prizes? Prizes will be awarded in varying amounts as follows:
- First place winner/winning group receives $5,000 total towards a Jewish Immersive experience
- Second place winner/winning group receives $3,000 total towards a Jewish Immersive experience
- Third place winner/winning group receives $2,000 total towards a Jewish Immersive experience

Prizes will be awarded in the form of a check paid directly by BBYO to the Jewish organization from which the winner has chosen to attend.  Winners must provide BBYO with the identity of the Jewish organization and a description of the immersive experience no later than June 30, 2018.  In the event that this deadline is not satisfied, the winner will forfeit the prize.  No interest will be paid for the time between the date the winner is chosen and the date the check is issued.  

How are winners determined?  70% of the decision will be made based upon the Gamechanger(s) presentation to the judging panel on March 5, 2018. During the presentation Gamechanger(s) will present their final pitch, projected budget, and marketing materials. 30% of the decision will be based on a live text-in vote at the Innovation Showcase Event on March 19th, 2018, following all of the pitch presentations.

What happens at the Innovation Showcase event? Gamechangers will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to family, friends, and community members. Each group will present their venture’s pitch that they have developed over the course of the program and later answer questions one-on-one with event attendees. Each venture will be given a table to display their marketing materials, posters, etc. This will be a unique opportunity for the community to celebrate the work of the Gamechangers and Mentors. At the end of the evening, we’ll announce the top three Gamechanger groups that will receive scholarship funding!

Who are the Mentors? Mentors are hand-picked community members who will help move each venture to the next level. Each of our impressive mentors has expertise, experiences, and a passion for the Jewish community that make them a perfect fit for the role.

Do applicants/Gamechangers need to be a member of BBYO? They do not. While BBYO is the lead convener organization, this is a community-wide program open to all Jewish teens in 8th-12th grade in Greater Washington.